What are the parts of words that matter for meaning? They’re not always as big as you might think. This week, the Ling Space talks about morphemes, the smallest bits of meaning: how to find them, where to dig for them, and how different languages deal with them.

This is a slightly shorter video than the previous ones, but with lots of good information! And a lot of meaning ore around. ^_^

New ep is up!

So I think one of my favourite things about working on this project is that although I direct the videos and help with scripts, I generally have no part in the finishing process – I don’t know what graphics will be used, or how it’ll be edited, or what. So Wednesdays I get a lovely little surprise in my subscription feed. Today that surprise included blue morpheme potato things!! Why are they so frigging cute!!! I kind of want them to have adventures now! COME ON, FREE MORPHEME, TAKE YOUR PAL BY THE HAND AND 

wait, what is this

I regret nothing

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