So, Tarantallegra is a direct reference to Harry Potter and the ‘dancing feet’? The word always struck me as weird, but I never happened to look it up before.

The etymology of the word is apparently tarantula and allegra, and it was purportedly used to cure spider bites by making someone dance until they sweated out the poison. The song is about letting music control you, so, unless the word appears somewhere else in history and isn’t as made up as it claims to be, this is just the most outspoken possible reference to HP in popular culture that I have seen so far XD

I will never stop loving this dance, btw. It’s an all-time fav. One of my three wishes would be to be able to break out moves like this anytime, anywhere.

Nice to meet you—


/dances out of the room

To my knowledge, the original word was “Tarantella” – a dance that originated in Sicily, I believe, and was fast and crazy and indeed rumored to make you sweat out the tarantula poison! Adding “allegra” to the end of that was an innovation of Rowling’s (making it one of the few Harry Potter spells not based on Latin!), but it’s entirely possible the beautifully nerdy Xia Junsu was making reference to all of the above.

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