Liveblogging from Sacanime with an art thief alert!

This exhibitor (name unknown) is selling across the hall from my table. As you can see, he is selling a wide variety of fandoms and intellectual properties, few, if any, are original pieces at all. Most of these are pieces of official art printed out and being sold at twenty a pop. This person is even selling a very popular Homestuck FANART piece into 3 different prints, the money of which neither the fanartist nor Andrew Hussie/whatpumpkin are seeing ANY profit from.

Right now I don’t know the exhibitor’s name or alias, but my friends have told me that they’ve seen this exhibitor at multiple conventions, including large comic cons like nycc. This person is probably making thousands of dollars off of artwork that he pulled from google images. To add insult to injury, he is signing these prints as if he were the actual artist of these stolen images. If you see this vendor at Sacanime or any other future cons, anime or otherwise, PLEASE refrain from buying his stolen artwork! We’re working with Sacanime to deal with him right now, but because he makes appearances at a lot of cons (specifically in the dealer’s hall , where fanart/ip rules are a lot less strict) keep an eye out and let the con heads know. Right now, please signal boost so we can stop this vendor from profiting off of other people’s artwork and property!

If you recognize the artist of the homestuck fanart (or any of the other pieces- I know a lot of his images are official comic art) please let me know so I can add that to this post.

Update: his identity is Joshua Whitener of Secret Identity Studios. At SacAnime, he is listed as “the Hidden Cape. Please keep an eye out for either of these aliases at cons! ,

Update 2: they are also selling licenced Disney art (i.e official art) that they do not display in their portfolio. Pics forthcoming

Update 3: Reblogging for the night crew!

We took this issue up with the SacAnime dealer’s hall head, who did not take our claims seriously at all, instead chiding us for trying to stir trouble or “create animosity” between artists and dealers. The story they heard from Secret Identity/Hidden Cape studios is that they are “officially licensed” vendors of these arts. In other words, they’re telling convention heads that they’re just resellers of licensed artwork and telling customers that they’re the original artists and even signing official artwork under the pretense of such.

This is probably how they are able to get into so many cons- because the dealer’s hall heads don’t see them as “artists” but as “resellers,” even though there is no way companies like Disney (especially Disney) would be giving license to such unprofessional and obscure people. 

Knowing this, it’s even more important that congoers speak out about them and spread word so that they do not get support for essentially stealing art. 

It’s also extremely important that we find as many of the original artists as we can. While official licensed images are in their inventory, so are a lot of fanart prints. In particular, if you know the artists who drew any of the following, it’s important to alert them that they’re being ripped off and hopefully help them take action so that conventions can see that these people are NOT licensed resellers of ANY of the artwork presented at their booth.

Please let me know or tell the original artists of any of the following pictures that they’re being resold by an entity called “Secret Identity/Hidden Cape Studios”:

  • The Homestuck prints (I know the original image is one long, horizontal image, not cut up into 3 parts) (images 1 and 3)
  • Ryuko Matoi (Next to the Kingdom Hearts official piece) (Image 2)
  • High School of the Dead (I think?) underneath Ryuko (Image 2)
  • the purple-haired girl under that (Image 2)
  • Edward Elric (Next to the other purple-haired girl) (Image 2)
  • Wolf Midna and Link (under the “The Last of Us” bootleg) (Image 5)

I apologize for the blurred/unfocused images. More pictures might be coming, but if now, please keep an eye out for these vendors and future cons. 

Whoa, you’re right! I saw a couple of these prints this year! And yes, it’s ridiculous to think any one individual could obtain the licence to WB, Disney and several Anime studios only to offer up a hodgepodge of fan and official work prints. That’s just not what you do with something as expensive as a licence.

As atelierMUSE at other conventions we had to give extensive proof that all of what we sold came from us – I even had to get written permission sent to them from the writer from the older books…! One didn’t even believe that Kris was capable of the different styles in their deviantArt portfolio, so we had to keep giving them stuff until they relented :P! I presume that this was the convention doing their job to prevent these ‘resellers’, so hopefully we don’t cross paths with this guy. I’d be really annoyed that it was so difficult and time-consuming for us, but so easy for him.

Let’s try to find the artists here.

Reblogging because this is important! Art theft is uncool, guys. Come on. Let’s do what we can to stop this from happening.

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