This ^^^^ is my 8th grade school picture.

I’ve never been so nervous to give an interview.

I’ve never told an interviewer that “I’ll think about it…” for months. Clammy-hands at opening her emails. Immediately start sweating thinking about what my answers would be. 

Everyone would like to forget who they were at some point – there are periods of our lives we look back to and cringe, become nauseated, bury our heads in our hands.

I moved across the country, to Montana, in an effort to escape the person I used to be in a desperate attempt to pretend ‘it’ never happened. 

I bring to you: my interview with Lea Shell, Before They Were Scientists.

Amazing, amazing interview with The Brain Scoop’s Emily Graslie, about middle school and science education and mental health and personal journeys. Just go read it. It’s all great, but the passage that really resonated with me the most is when she’s asked to sum up her personal philosophy: 

I find it so unfathomably unlikely that anything at all exists. The cause and effect and the chain of events that had to go in place for the world to be here, for anything to have evolved, for human life to exist, for technology to advance as quickly as it has. That unlikelihood is why I have so much energy. Why I have so much enthusiasm for my life. It’s an unlikely existence and we ought to be taking advantage of it at every opportunity (…)

Sing it, Emily. 

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