Black History Month!

My favorite parts of history (as might be obvious from my choice of subject matter when making books) are the ones that fall into easily-categorized genres, genres with associated visual iconographies. This is the sort of stuff I loved as a kid: pirates, knights, cowboys, explorers, romans and Egyptians and flying aces. Stuff you could find featured in a bag of toys or a generic costume.

For Black History Month, I thought I might visit some of these adventure-leaning periods and pick a few historic black people from those eras to draw, just for fun. If you’re doing a project or report in school this month, you could do worse than to tackle one of these toughies.  Feel free to share some of these with youngsters that you know.  And call them youngsters, they LOVE that.

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Reblogging for anyone (youngsters or oldsters) who is looking for some starting points for research, year-round! 

This is awesome! Thanks for making this!

When I was teaching in a Japanese high school they asked me what I wanted to talk about in my classes in February. Valentine’s Day? 

I sort of groaned internally, because, Valentine’s Day. If ever something was trite and overdone. But it looked like my coworkers also didn’t find the idea too inspiring, and it was a high-level school with really engaged kids, so I thought… How about Black History Month? It could be really interesting and informative for them, and also kind of show what a lot of schools in North America do this time of year.

As an activity, I researched a bunch of interesting people from history, from all over the world and all walks of life, like George Washington Carver and Rosa Parks and Alexandre Dumas. This awesome artwork would have been a great resource at the time! So I absolutely love it. 

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