How do our words change on their way out of our mouths? What kinds of rules cover their variation? In this week’s episode, we talk about allomorphy: the way our morphemes change, the types of variation we find in their pronunciation, and the methods that allow us to decide what the underlying morpheme is.

Here’s a return to morphology! You can also watch our first episode on the topic here, and our take on roots and affixes here. Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

New Ling Space ep is up! Assiduous readers may have noticed that although I direct and co-write the show, I’m actually barely involved in the process post-filming, and only see what our art team ateliermuse do with it once it goes up. (Proof of this being my assumption that they picked the thumbnail image, when credit for that goes to Moti! My bad.) 

Anyway, MAD PROPS to the art team this week! I just love it when the finished product, with all their text-on-screen, just clicks together to make something tighter and clearer and significantly cooler than the sum of its parts. 

(and it’s no secret how much I love those blue morpheme potatoes ore nuggets)

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