VidCon Peoples


We had a great time at VidCon this year, and we met lots of wonderful people who we got chances to talk with about online video, about linguistics, and about their own projects! We wanted to highlight a few of them here, because they were really awesome.

Wanted Adventure is a channel about the experiences of an American woman, Dana Newman, who’s moved to Germany and has been living there for years! She’s got a bunch of stuff about German language, and also about culture and living abroad. Here’s a cool video about the time she went to take part in an ERP study.

Developmental Enthusiast looks at various topics in, yes, developmental psychology, like neural development and building relationships. It’s a relatively new channel, but with lots of promise! Take a look at this video about how the brain builds connections.

Science with Tom is a channel with a lot of music videos about science! There’s a lot of rapping, and some of it is being done by the middle-school science students he works with. Here’s one of a battle between Rosalind Franklin vs. Watson and Crick. It’s very engaging, and definitely worth a look!

Amor Sciendi is a channel with short videos about art with a lot of historical and cultural context. It’s a big challenge to come up with ways to visualize historical concepts and changes, and doing it through art is a really cool way to pull it off. We really liked his video about the two Davids.

ARTiculations is a great channel by another Canadian YouTuber! She makes videos about art, as well, both about how museums and the art world work, as well as about classical art. Here’s a video from her about why museums are so dark. (And she’s been following along with the Ling Space for a while, which we’re really happy about.)

Brooke Miller has a channel about sociology and psychology stuff that makes the topics clear and approachable, even for difficult topics like depression and substance abuse, while being very accurate. She writes out on a black screen while narrating, and it definitely keeps the eye going. Here’s a video about animal communication!

Finally, Temperate Sage is a channel about making dresses and using Photoshop better. I talked with the person who runs the channel, Harmony, for probably longer than anyone else at VidCon, and she had a lot of interesting things to say about language. And her dress was super amazing! Like. People just randomly stopping to boggle at the amazingness amazing.

Anyway, these don’t all have connections directly with linguistics, but they’re all worth a check for sure. And we’ll have our interview video up tomorrow, with some of these people, and some others, as well. ^_^

VidCon was an incredible experience, and I’m thrilled to have had the chance to meet all these awesome people and more! I’m already looking forward to next year. ❤

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