Vidcon is in 4 days! Have you had your schedule planned for weeks? Are you just going to wing it when you get there? 

Either way, come hang out with jtotheizzoe, mikerugnetta, wheezytumblr, theartassignment, braincraft and grossscience on Saturday. There’ll be beanbag chairs involved, so you won’t want to miss it. 

If you’re at VidCon and you follow The Art Assignment, you’ve already heard we’re MAKING A GIANT RUG TOGETHER. But today, come to chat and meet the other amazing hosts of PBS Digital Studios channels!

The PBS Chill Lounge was my favourite place at VidCon, and this hangout was one of my favourite times! It was CRAZY CHILL you guys. There’s nothing quite like letting your brain slip into neutral and working with your hands on making a giant rug with some peeps for escaping  the stresscitement of a busy con. 

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