VidCon was awesome and you’re awesome! also thank you I’m crying 

I’ve got a lot of thoughts and feels about this year’s VidCon, and the future, and how this YouTube and online video thing is all uncertain and exciting and great. And that’ll come soon enough. Also click the photos for more info/sources.

For now I just wanted to share a moment that happened at the end of the Ask Emily Q&A where Joe asked for his final question: 20 years from now – or in any number of years – when you look back on The Brain Scoop so far, what moment will stick out in your memory? 

It’s an incredibly broad question since there hasn’t been a single dull moment in the last 2.5 years, but as I was thinking of an answer I just became really overwhelmed, sitting there in front of this audience of passionate learners and curious answer-seekers. And I said, in the end there is no specific moment. This program and my life has been on a rocket ship blasting a million miles an hour ever since we launched. The last few years have shaped into the most rewarding, enlightening, full and enriching moments anyone could ever hope to experience during their lifetime. In the end if this is all I ever do, if I move on and it turns out my fun run with online video and natural history museums ends as quickly as it began, it won’t matter. I’m one very lucky and fortunate person, and it is all because of you – the followers of this blog, the viewers of our show, the people I high-fived and embraced at VidCon, the fans all over the world who believe in what I’ve been trying to do for years and are helping to make it happen. This is for you, and it’s because of you.  

I want to give you all one massive hug. Thank you for giving me the best years.

Meeting Emily Graslie at VidCon was without question one of the highlights of my time there (and working on that colourful rug up there – I’m in the group photo! – was another). As someone who is passionate about language and linguistics, and wants to share that passion with the world via online video, Emily is a huge inspiration: I feel like the guiding thread of her work is sparking curiosity in people about the natural world, and doing the same about how people-brains do the language thing is what the Ling Space is all about for me. 

Thanks for being awesome, Emily Graslie, and thanks to everyone who creates and engages with educational video! I’m thrilled to be part of this blossoming community of curiosity, and I don’t ever want to stop learning.   

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