We’re really excited to have gotten to interview Steven Pinker recently! Dr. Pinker is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard, and a best-selling author whose books, including The Language Instinct, the Stuff of Thought, and the Sense of Style, help to broaden knowledge about linguistics, language, and cognitive psychology.

We got to ask him about a lot of great topics, including:
– the role of social media in promoting science
– the unifying themes under all of his work
– the ongoing resistance to the idea that language is innate
– the role of emoticons and emoji in discourse
– the videos he watches on YouTube
– three questions from our followers on machine learning, advice for starting out in research, and social media’s influence on language

And much more! We even have an extra video this week, which we’ll post tomorrow, that has a book recommendation and news about Dr. Pinker’s next book. Hope you all enjoy it!

Yay, our interview with Dr. Steven Pinker is up! Go check it out everybody! 

Thanks again to Dr. Pinker for taking the time to talk with us, as well as to our invaluable film crew Shane and Stephan for helping make this video possible and our graphics team @ateliermuse for contributing their shininess as always!

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