How do our throats work to make different kinds of sounds? What different settings for our vocal folds do we have? In this week’s episode, we talk about phonation and glottal states: how air interacts with our anatomy to create waves, what settings we have besides voiced, voiceless, and closed completely, and how these other settings, breathy and creaky voice, are used across languages. And how they’re all totally fine and cool!

It’s always fun to talk about phonetics, and to wade into the creaky voice debate. Looking forward to hearing what people have to say. ^_^

New Ling Space episode, about what your vocal cords are doing when you talk, and how spoken languages use all kinds of sounds to differentiate words – some of which you might not even have known were a thing! Including one that’s become a common and comfortable feature of my speech and that of a ton of people of my generation: creaky voice, also known as vocal fry. 

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