5000 Subscribers



We’ve hit 5000 subscribers on our YouTube channel, and we’re all really excited and grateful. We want to thank all of you here in the Tumblr linguistics community, too – we’re really happy to be part of the lively discussion on here! It’s pretty amazing, and we’re looking forward to making more episodes and writing more posts.

To commemorate this milestone, and to thank you for all your support, we thought we’d offer 20% off on everything in our store for the next seven days: our t-shirts, mugs, and IPA posters:

It’s really pretty, if I do say so myself. To get the discount, just use the code 5000SUBS. ^_^

Wow! 5000 subs at The Ling Space! Thank you all so much for the support, : ) We’re thrilled to be the graphics team on such an amazing project.

Hope you enjoy the 20% coupon~! Perfect for a holiday gift!

Happy times in Ling Space land! Come share in the happy and buy your holiday buddies a super rad poster or t-shirt or some cups!

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