Most PoC in these paintings are slaves/servants. Why would you be proud of that? People of color will never be European.


Wowww. I mean, I get messages like this all the time, but this says so much about YOU and your worldview, and basically nothing about anyone else. Much less whoever you intended to insult with this.

I mean, is “being European” some kind of accomplishment? It’s obvious you seem to think that, so much so that you imagine that people who aren’t must somehow secretly long to be. There’s little to no logical consistency between any statement you’ve made here.

All I see is regurgitated racist lies that are obviously false, and demonstrate with embarrassing clarity that your identity is an empty construct based entirely on what it is not, and who it excludes. The smallness of your worldview would be pitiful if it didn’t have so much violence behind it.

You can cover your eyes and throw a tantrum, but the truth stays true, and European history still includes a fascinating, complex, and mind-blowingly diverse cast of human beings throughout all aspects of society.

from medieval European imaginings of Jesus

To the Virgin Mary

to the Gondoliers of Medieval and Renaissance Venice

The serfs in Russia

The entourage of the Holy Roman Emperor

The holiest embodiments of virtue

Studies in beauty and grace

From champions of military might

to diplomatic negotiators of peace

From the most sacred

to the debauched and profane

History is beautiful, and diverse, and full of so much immense possibility that I never really stop being in awe of it. If you can’t see the beauty in that, that’s your problem.

Aside from the importance of the point being made here, I wanna say I am *absolutely in love* with some of these paintings (I could look at #4, #7 and #9 all day)

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