(Part of) my gift for Anna (@annawrites) who requested Malahide and Kalim developing a secret sign language. My love for ASL having long been established, this prompt ran away from me a bit, so there’s more coming over the course of next week as I finish up my ficlet and other art. But I hope you like this little comic!

Anyway, this is set in a universe where Malahide returns to stay with Kalim in the desert and he insightfully realizes that before receiving the magical necklace from th’Esar Malahide must have had another way to speak. They end up combining Malahide’s Volstovic sign language with the language used by deaf members of the desert tribe and find out along the way that they love the intimacy of speaking that way and have long, in-depth conversations in sign language about their histories that other people can’t hear. In this comic Kalim is asking Malahide whether she enjoys wearing dresses (after he finds out how she came to be the way she is) and she answers in the affirmative. A couple of years later the sand has probably ruined Malahide’s necklace, but that’s alright because they were already signing a lot. And then they end up travelling to Volstov for a treaty or something like that and use their signing to gossip about everyone at the celebratory ball and are just generally sneaky and intimidating during treaty negotiations. 

(The language I used here is American Sign Language.)

Aw yiss, this combines so many things I love! Linguistics, good art, worldbuilding, and @jonesandbennett‘s beautiful Volstovic cycle. 

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