Beauty and the Beast Social Link! Kannao Anthology


Sometimes it seems like romance, sometimes it doesn’t… Kannao stories ranging from heartwarming to gags to serious and more – enjoy them all!

  • A5
  • 140 pages + 4 full-color illustrations
  • Offset printing
  • For all ages

This is a Japanese Persona 4 Kanji+Naoto/Kannao anthology that will be debuting at Super Comic City in Japan this May.

It features comics, color illustrations, and novels from 16 different contributors, and our very own @krisrix was lucky enough to also be involved, along with fellow Kannao lover, @hanuwabbit!

Both @krisrix and @hanuwabbit contributed 12 page stories and color illustrations!


  • The anthology is entirely in Japanese
  • The copies are being printed in Japan, then sent to us, and then to you; as such, it will take some time to be delivered. Estimated delivery is June.
  • None of the novelty goods will be included
  • Due to the nature of the preorder, we CANNOT accept orders after the cut-off date. If you miss out on the preorder, you will need to purchase the book directly from Japan.

Please see the Japanese information page for larger previews and the full contributor list:

WOO~~~ It’s official, 😀 I am so beyond excited to have been a part of this amazing project!

Please preorder and signal boost, because the cut off is April 30th! After that, I won’t be able to get you a copy!

Our awesome graphics team @ateliermuse worked on this cute fan anthology for Persona 4, which totally deserves a signal boost! Intercontinental comics cooperation, go!

Spread the word and remember that there is a hard cutoff of April 30th for orders! ❤

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