@vox takes on the trope of the hypercompetent female sidekick. You know her – the one who’s the smartest, toughest and most capable yet ends up being rescued by the less talented, but extremely straight, white, cisgender and male hero. 

This intersects well with discussions about the pay gap and obstacles women face in their careers. For those of us who aren’t straight white cisgender men – the persistence of being typecast as not-the-hero (or the boss, or the leader, or the expert commenter) despite qualifications, talents and capabilities is a lived reality. 

This is definitely a trope. Definitely male wish fulfillment and definitely ignoring the perspectives of women. But did they see the season finale of The Magicians? I don’t want to spoil anything but it was basically structured to call out this trope and flip it on its head. To say that he ended up the hero of that day is…oh my…it’s like they didn’t even watch it.

Agree on trope and agree on Magicians. At least in the books (haven’t watched the show, this is a problem I have when books are too dear to my heart)…

But waaahh this trope basically ruined the Lego Movie for me, which I otherwise solidly enjoyed 😦 EVERYTHING COULD HAVE BEEN MORE AWESOME, LEGO MOVIE.

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