okay so russell t davis has done a version of a midsummer nights dream that’s currently on bbc1 and not only is it set in a radical dictatorship which is super cool, with hippolyta, oberon, puck, hermia, demetrius and a number of the main mechanicals and fairys all played by poc, but:


and omfg:

i’m so

the cast:


Anyone who thinks that this is somehow not in the spirit of the original is being incredibly disingenuous

Intriguing!!! I would love to see this. I’m curious how the plot changes will affect the story, but it’s probably going to be fun and I’m glad it exists. 

I’m very excited that creative projects that embrace diversity are becoming more and more frequent! It’s sort of unconscionable that the world on my screen or stage or page often doesn’t even bother to represent the world I live in (or offer fictional alternatives anchored in something else than a white/cis/straight/[usually male] default), so I’m all for more varied perspectives and diverse stories. 

We still have very far to go, but every time I see a project like this take flight I feel encouraged that people care about some of the same things I do!

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