Interview with Patricia Churchland


So a week and a half ago, our staff writer Stephan had a chance to interview Dr. Patricia Churchland, after a talk she gave at the Montreal Neurological Institute. Dr. Churchland is Professor Emerita of Philosophy at UCSD (having been chair of the department from 2000 until 2007), as well as an adjunct Professor at the Salk Institute. She is probably best known for her work on eliminative materialism and the interface between neuroscience and philosophy — most notably, perhaps, within the pages of the seminal Neurophilosophy (1986). Her more recent books include Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells us about Morality (2011) and Touching a Nerve (2014), both of which focus on morality and the social brain. She is also former president of the American Philosophical Association and the Society for Philosophy and Psychology, and has received numerous awards, prizes, and honours throughout her distinguished career.

She discussed with us a number of topics, including the evolution and innateness of language, whether language is a module in the brain, the importance of science literacy, and more. You can find the whole thing below here!

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Very cool interview!!

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