10,000 Subscribers


So over the weekend, we passed 10,000 subscribers on our YouTube channel. We’re really excited and amazed by this! Thanks so much for your support for us. We even got lucky enough that our staff writer Stephan managed to snag a screenshot of our page just when we hit 10,000:

As is customary for this milestone, we’re planning on doing a Q&A video to commemorate the occasion! Feel free to ask us stuff here, or on Twitter or Facebook or wherever. It can be about language stuff, the channel, or whatever else you feel like! Then we’ll pick among the questions and answer them. I’ll try to get together the whole team to do the session, too. ^_^

Also, another reminder: We’re going to be at VidCon this Thursday to Saturday! Our director Adele and I will be both attending. We’re really happy to meet up with people, so please come say hi. ^_^

I just want to say how thrilling it is to be part of this project and to be able to make linguistics videos for the wonderful audience that you all are!! Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far and everyone who enjoys our videos.

See you at VidCon!

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