Richard slung his cloak around one arm. A woman near him looked at his face and gasped, “St Vier!” Now the word was out; people were jostling to see; bets were changing. Even as they pressed back to the walls to give the fighters room, the spectators were agitating; a few slipped out to fetch friends to watch the fight. Newcomers crowded across the open house-front.

Richard ignored them all. He was aware of Alec, safe to one side, his eyes wide and bright, his posture negligent. 

“There’s your third for today,” Alec said pleasantly. “Kill him.”

Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner

(Ever since seeing this post I couldn’t get the idea of Steven Yeun as Richard out of my head. Also been watching a lot of The Musketeers bbc series which leaves me with Swordspoint on the brain even more than usual. SO… TWO GREAT TASTES…)

I AM SO THERE!!!!!!!


What is this from??? Because that is perfect

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