Emergency Commissions!





Hi, all!

So my financial situation has just moved from “awkward laughing into the abyss” to “the abyss laughs back.” In short, I am:


The long and short of it is that we moved cross-country so my wife
could work at a job that would catapult us out of poverty–only to find
out that when they SAID “You’ll start work in September,” they MEANT “Or
June the year after, probably. We don’t know anymore.”

things are…. not good. We are of course both looking for new jobs
here, but in the meantime, there’s that whole -gestures vaguely- food
thing, and -gestures vaguely-er- rent thing, and -gestures at sick cat,
who is sneezing adorably- vet bills thing.

I’m not expecting
commissions to cover all that–even just a few bucks for groceries would
be enough to get the financial abyss to stop cackling with glee. But
here’s the run-down of emergency commission prices!

$10 – a bust, in color!
Like this!


Ain’t that a deal? Yeah. I mean. I’m sure it is. Or, there’s:

$20 – Full body, full color picture. Look at that!


$25 – A 7in. by 6in. comic! Like this, but



Ain’t that fancy? You bet it is.

you are interested in a commission, send me an email at
batfee@gmail.com. I humbly ask that commissions stay PG-13 or lower,

Reblog for the weekend crowd!

Do you love the awesome comics done for our episodes? Now, you can commission your very own! We highly vouch for the quality and fun of working with @oh-fee-oh-my

She just did one about Richard & Alec at the theater in Swordspoint for someone on commission! 

Reblog this 10 times and I will post it for you.

Food rent and vet bills! Important stuff!

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