Language Map of NYC


New York City has a huge amount of linguistic diversity. It’s easy to know that abstractly, but to drive it home, it can help to visualize it, too. And that’s where designer Jill Hubley’s interactive language map of NYC comes in. It’s colourful, fun to play with, and informative. Here’s a look at one fairly broad setup:

The map allows you to have all languages shown, or to exclude English or Spanish, which lets you look at the pockets of diversity below. All the data was taken from
the United States Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, and while that’s not perfect in terms of its characterizations (so many “other” categories!), it’s still a great base to look from.

This kind of diversity is why New York is a great place to do linguistics fieldwork, like that done by the Endangered Language Alliance. If you want to hear more about them, check their site, or our Project for Awesome video from last year!

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