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First Ling Space Anniversary


It’s been one year since we really started our project! Last year, on September 3rd, we posted our first video on the channel, about why the ability to use language is innate. Since then, we’ve done:

– 45 main topic videos, on topics from all over linguistics, from phonetics and phonology to semantics and pragmatics, as well as acquisition, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and more

– a few extras: an outtake video, a VidCon report, a Project for Awesome video

– hundreds of Tumblr posts, on a wide variety of topics! Like the linguistics of Pingu, how much early language sticks around for heritage speakers, the euphemism treadmill, and many, many more

We figured this was a good time to look back at what we’ve done, and so below, you’ll find the video that each member of the Ling Space team chose as their favourite of our first year, along with a little explanation as to why. It’s a pretty diverse bunch! And I also want to thank the team for everything they’ve done so far.

But before we get into our picks, really, I just want to say thanks to all of you who’ve joined us over our first year. We’re really happy to be part of the community, and we hope people are enjoying, learning, and getting excited about language from the videos. We’ve got lots more topics in mind for upcoming videos, and we’re looking forward to year 2!

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One year! I am so grateful and excited to be part of this wonderful team and of the online linguistics community as a whole. See all of you in Year 2!



How do our words change on their way out of our mouths? What kinds of rules cover their variation? In this week’s episode, we talk about allomorphy: the way our morphemes change, the types of variation we find in their pronunciation, and the methods that allow us to decide what the underlying morpheme is.

Here’s a return to morphology! You can also watch our first episode on the topic here, and our take on roots and affixes here. Looking forward to hearing what everyone has to say!

New Ling Space ep is up! Assiduous readers may have noticed that although I direct and co-write the show, I’m actually barely involved in the process post-filming, and only see what our art team ateliermuse do with it once it goes up. (Proof of this being my assumption that they picked the thumbnail image, when credit for that goes to Moti! My bad.) 

Anyway, MAD PROPS to the art team this week! I just love it when the finished product, with all their text-on-screen, just clicks together to make something tighter and clearer and significantly cooler than the sum of its parts. 

(and it’s no secret how much I love those blue morpheme potatoes ore nuggets)


How do we put together our words? What pieces are the most important, and where does everything go? This week, we talk about root morphemes and affixes: what the most meaningful bits are, all the different places we can put morphemes in and around each other, and some of the variation we see between languages.

We’re really happy to be back, and we’re looking forward to hearing what people have to say about this one! ^_^

Ling Space is back from the holidays with the RETURN OF THE ADORABLE MORPHEME POTATO THINGS and I could not be happier. Gimme plushies pronto.


What are the parts of words that matter for meaning? They’re not always as big as you might think. This week, the Ling Space talks about morphemes, the smallest bits of meaning: how to find them, where to dig for them, and how different languages deal with them.

This is a slightly shorter video than the previous ones, but with lots of good information! And a lot of meaning ore around. ^_^

New ep is up!

So I think one of my favourite things about working on this project is that although I direct the videos and help with scripts, I generally have no part in the finishing process – I don’t know what graphics will be used, or how it’ll be edited, or what. So Wednesdays I get a lovely little surprise in my subscription feed. Today that surprise included blue morpheme potato things!! Why are they so frigging cute!!! I kind of want them to have adventures now! COME ON, FREE MORPHEME, TAKE YOUR PAL BY THE HAND AND 

wait, what is this

I regret nothing