Informative Ancient Egypt Comics: BROS

Our 1st place contest winner requested a Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep comic as their prize.

I took a class about Ancient Egypt last semester and we had a whole lecture dedicated to talking about how gay Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep were.
Their tomb walls were decorated with scenes of them ignoring their wives in favor of embracing each other. In one scene, the couple is seated at a banquet table that is usually reserved for a husband and wife. There’s an entire motif of Khnumhotep holding lotus flowers which in ancient Egyptian tradition symbolizes femininity. Khnumhotep offers the lotus flower to Niankhkhnum, something that only wives were ever depicted as doing for their husbands. In fact, Khnumhotep is repeatedly depicted as uniquely feminine, being shown smaller and shorter than his partner Niankhkhnum and being placed in the role of a woman. Size is a big deal in Egyptian art, husbands are almost always shown as being larger and taller than their wives. So for two men of equal status to be shown in once again, a marital fashion, is pretty telling. Not to mention they were literally buried together which is the strongest bond two people could share in ancient Egypt, as it would mean sharing the journey to the afterlife together.
And yet 90% of the academic text about these two talks about these clues in vague terms and analyze the great “brotherhood” they shared, and the enigma of Khnumhotep being depicted as feminine. Apparently it’s too hard for archaeologists to accept homosexuality in the ancient world, as well as the possibility of trans individuals.

On the last note, I was walking around the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and there is a mummy on exhibit. It caught my attention because the panel that was describing it was talking about how it was a woman’s body in a male coffin and wow, the Egyptian working that day really screwed that up. My summary, not actual words, sorry I can’t remember verbatim but it basically said that someone screwed up.

They claimed that the Egyptians screwed up a burial.

The Egyptians. Screwed up. A burial.

Now I’m not an expert in Ancient Egypt but from what I know, and what the exhibit was telling me, burials and the afterlife and all that jazz DEFINED the Egyptian religion and culture. They don’t just ‘screw up’. So instead of thinking outside the box for two seconds and wonder why else a genetically female body was in a male coffin, the ‘researchers’ blatantly disregard the rest of their research and decided to call it a screw up. Instead of, you know, admitting that maybe this mummy presented as male during his life and was therefore honorably buried as he was identified. But it would be too much of a stretch to admit that a transgender person could have existed back then.

(Sorry I can’t find any sources online and it’s been like 2 years but it stuck in my mind)

There’s a lot of bigoted historian dragging on my dash these days and it makes me happy.

Once again, more proof that we queers have ALWAYS been here, and it’s a CHOSEN narrative to erase them.


I am reblogging this for the lols as well as a very accessible and engaging reminder that every historical narrative is created by human beings interpreting existing evidence and will necessarily reflect their biases, experiences, cultural norms and taboos.

Human objectivity is a myth, and until we have diversity present and speaking out in and across all disciplines, the truth will remain obscured.

A diverse independent comics anthology needs your help!!



Enough Space for Everyone Else is an anthology of sci-fi/space comics by diverse creators, about diverse characters, and spanning diverse tones and genres (specifically, no military, no imperialism, no war!).

We’re trying to fund it via Kickstarter (link here), and while we’ve gotten a lot of support so far, we are as of this writing less than halfway to our goal ($33,000) with only 11 days until the deadline (July 16). And reminder that the way Kickstarter works is, if you don’t get enough pledges to make your funding goal, you don’t get anything. So the existence of this book is literally relying on you.

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I’ve been hearing about this project for a while, and it’s exciting to see it coming to fruition. Signal boost!



Beauty and the Beast Social Link! Kannao Anthology


Sometimes it seems like romance, sometimes it doesn’t… Kannao stories ranging from heartwarming to gags to serious and more – enjoy them all!

  • A5
  • 140 pages + 4 full-color illustrations
  • Offset printing
  • For all ages

This is a Japanese Persona 4 Kanji+Naoto/Kannao anthology that will be debuting at Super Comic City in Japan this May.

It features comics, color illustrations, and novels from 16 different contributors, and our very own @krisrix was lucky enough to also be involved, along with fellow Kannao lover, @hanuwabbit!

Both @krisrix and @hanuwabbit contributed 12 page stories and color illustrations!


  • The anthology is entirely in Japanese
  • The copies are being printed in Japan, then sent to us, and then to you; as such, it will take some time to be delivered. Estimated delivery is June.
  • None of the novelty goods will be included
  • Due to the nature of the preorder, we CANNOT accept orders after the cut-off date. If you miss out on the preorder, you will need to purchase the book directly from Japan.

Please see the Japanese information page for larger previews and the full contributor list:

WOO~~~ It’s official, 😀 I am so beyond excited to have been a part of this amazing project!

Please preorder and signal boost, because the cut off is April 30th! After that, I won’t be able to get you a copy!

Our awesome graphics team @ateliermuse worked on this cute fan anthology for Persona 4, which totally deserves a signal boost! Intercontinental comics cooperation, go!

Spread the word and remember that there is a hard cutoff of April 30th for orders! ❤



ASL sign names have to be given to you by a deaf person. Sign name is usually based on a person’s personality and have to follow ASL grammatical rules. And, ASL sign name isn’t like English name. Two person with English name ‘Jonathan’ don’t have the same sign name. So that’s why we deaf people cannot come up with a sign name on a spot for a stranger. We have to get to know them first, and getting a sign name is a huge deal- it’s like naming a baby hah.

Also, yep, Brits have different sign language than US. I couldn’t really understand a deaf brit signing.


This is a cool concept, explained using comics in a really cool way!

Super cool! I admit I didn’t know about this at all until now, but I’m happy to have learned about it through this awesome comic. 



Part One of Resolve begins today! We’ll be posting daily throughout all of March. After that, there will be a two week break, and Part Two will pick up from there with bi-weekly updates.

Resolve will be a PG-13 webcomic in the ballpark of 100 pages. It will follow the further development of Naoto and Kanji after their interactions in Comfort and Trust.

While it is recommended for you to have read the prequels, it is not necessary.

Now that her business trip has given her time to mull things over, Naoto returns with some rather anticlimactic news…
But Kanji isn’t about to take her lack of conviction sitting down!
As the two struggle with the face they show society and the strange relationship they now have, they need to find a sense of completion from within before their external problems can be resolved.


Thank you to everyone who waited so patiently for this…!!!!

This is a gorgeous and exciting new comic from ateliermuse! I love the colour work especially. Really looking forward to reading it!