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Hans Memling

Triptych of Jan Floreins (detail)

Germany/Flanders (1479)

Oil on oak panel, 46,3 x 57,4 cm (central panel), 48 x 25 cm (each wing)

Groeninge Museum at Saint John’s Hospital, Bruges

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One of the cool things about this particular painting is that it was painted for Saint John’s hospital, and is still there. Jan Floreins is the patron who ordered this painting made, and he as well as several other figures in this work are represented in it.

Whoa, chalice guy is on fleek! Saluting with his hat like “yes you’re right I do have the best outfit at this party, you’re welcome Saint John’s Hospital”

Love him, love his gorgeous houppelande(?), wish I knew who he had been. Stay awesome, chalice guy.