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How do we deal with gender when we process language? Do we take it into consideration when we hear words and sentences? In this week’s episode, we talk about gender and language processing: the different kinds of gender in language, how gender influences our ability to retrieve words from our mental dictionaries, and how our views on gender temporarily keep us from considering otherwise legitimate interpretations of sentences.

This was a topic we’d wanted to address for a while, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say!

I’m really pumped about this episode, you guys. I was really surprised to learn some of the stuff that’s in here, and I’m actually really curious to see what would happen if we redid these experiments today? There’s still a crapton of gender normativity in the world but I feel like a lot of people are becoming more aware of different ways of doing things. I wonder how tumblr would fare on experiments like the ones mentioned here?




How can we find out what babies know about language before they can tell us themselves? What methods can we use? This week, we look at some of the experimental techniques linguists use to get into those infant heads, and we also discuss some of the discoveries we’ve made about what’s going on in there.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say about baby minds. ^_^

High Amplitude Sucking Procedure – really?

That is not the sort of thing I think I could actually make up. Here’s an article from the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology using the procedure, for example.

Quick reblog for the day crew! And if you want to read some more about infant neurolinguistic research, we’ve got some on the episode page back on our website. ^_^

New episode of The Ling Space! And… yes. High Amplitude Sucking.