From “chink” to “rice eater” my mom reads – and shuts down – some of the most racist comments I’ve gotten on YouTube

She is my favorite.

omg gunnarollamom ❤ 

You don’t have enough room? I don’t stay in your house. I have extra room, do you want to stay in my home?


Thank you for making this video, @gunnarolla​!

VidCon Day 2


We’re having a great time at VidCon! We’ve been learning a lot and meeting a lot of cool people. Including one of our favourite Canadian YouTubers, Gunnarolla.


We’ve been attending tons of good panels and learning a lot about how to make our videos better and more interesting! It’s really invigorating to talk with people here, too – there’s a lot of people making channels to help people learn different things, and we’ve met a lot of people who’ve been interested in linguistics stuff, too, which has been really great. Seeing how much people want to hear about the project is amazing to us! And it gives us more ideas for the future.

Part of what makes this so great is that talking with people about subjects that they’re passionate about is my favourite thing. And YouTube creator people are definitely passionate about the subjects they’re working on. Even if it’s not something that I was interested in before I started talking with them, it really draws me in. I hope we do that for people with linguistics!

Of course, it’s not all been just going to panels and learning. Some of it is meeting other cool YouTubers we like and getting a chance to talk for a bit.

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VidCon report 2!