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Fill your festive season with linguistics goodies!

in time for the gift giving season, we here at the Ling Space are happy
to announce that our store has a bunch of new stuff, like a storefront
overhaul and new items for sale! We’ve very excited to be able to share
with you three new T-shirt designs by our rad graphics team, atelierMUSE.

all know it, linguistics classes aren’t always a piece of cake. So
celebrate your academic victory (or at least your survival) in Syntax,
Phonetics, or Semantics class with one of these snazzy tees, or buy one as a gift for the hard-working linguist in your life! Here’s the phonetics one:

Of course, we still have our official logo shirts, mugs, and the prettiest IPA poster ever. The holiday
shipping cut off for those of you in the US to get your order by December 25th is December
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New items in the store, just in time for holiday shopping! And with a sale, to boot!

Go check it outttt


How do we define vowel sounds? What are all the different vowels we can make? In this week’s episode, we return to the International Phonetic Alphabet to look at vowels: what parameters we use to define them, what variation we see across languages, and some ways we can play with them to create more categories of sound.

We definitely had fun making this one, and we hope you like it! Looking forward to hearing what you all think. ^_^

Brand new episode! I’ve gotta say, one of my favourite things about this one is the thumbnail the graphics team picked. How did they find one where Moti’s doing the same gesture as Cony on his t-shirt!

The science behind why English speakers can’t pronounce the Japanese “fu”



You ever wonder how silly English speakers sound to speakers of Asian languages?

Man, this thing. It took me a serious while to learn how to pronounce ふ. The guidance I got when I was learning was “it’s like an [f], but not really!” Which led to me sitting in my room for hours making a lot of [f] sounds before I figured out what not-quite-an-f meant.

This is where knowing a bit of IPA and articulatory phonetics would help language teachers – knowing it was a voiceless bilabial fricative would have made it so much easier for me to pick it out!

The importance of IPA ^_^ 

The science behind why English speakers can’t pronounce the Japanese “fu”



How can we track all of the sounds of language, exactly how we hear them? Why aren’t our regular writing systems up to the challenge? This week on The Ling Space, we talk about the International Phonetic Alphabet: what it is, why we need it, and how the charts are arranged. Plus, we made our own IPA charts!

We put a lot of work into this one, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you all have to say. ^_^

It was very cool watching simongannon do a new take on the IPA charts! 😀 We hope you like them, and we hope you love the episode as well!

I love the new IPA charts in this! Nice job.