Here’s my finished painting for the Persona-themed Velvet Room Art Show gallery run by @pixeldripblog. Check out the event page here!

Acrylics and cardstock on 16×20 wood board with 3/4″ cradle

Endless thanks to @simongannon for assisting me at every step of this, and especially for making the “!!” effect!

This will be for sale at the gallery, and online after. I’l post the link when it’s up.

This looks amazing!!!


Jumping on the bandwagon a bit here, but yeah, human!Undyne. @bedsafely‘s human Sans was just too good, ;A;

@simongannon and I immediately thought “cleft lip/palette” upon seeing Undyne’s sprite the first time. So Simon gave me some pics of him when he was younger and his own cleft was more noticeable, and I based this off that. 

Scales  Freckles everywhere. Scouter-esque structured eyepatch, but sometimes she wears your typical anime-convention-fare eyepatches, : P

I feel like this is what would happen if you and me and Simon had a baby and then it was raised by Natasha Romanoff

Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly then send this to your 10 favorite followers (if you want to that is).


I also got this from tonysquirtle and neonzephyrooc – thank you, guys!! <3;;

But, I, uh, have a severe dislike of myself and extreme inability to take pride in what I do for more than 10 seconds, so I don’t even know how to answer this, ORZ

All of you should do this, because you should all feel good enough about yourself to list 5 things! Don’t be like me, kids! //sweats

Or, we could all say 5 nice things about you, krisrix! Because that’s easier than saying nice things about yourself, for sure. So. 1. You have a killer sense of style. 2. You are always improving and bettering yourself. 3. You don’t take no flak from nobody 4.You have a soft and gentle heart hiding under there, and 5. You’ve got a really nice speaking voice. Legit. 

Aaand because I might as well do it about myself – since I get the feeling that how ridiculously hard this is is kind of the point: 1. I look out for my friends with fervor and tenacity 2. I’m resourceful and usually get the job done 3. I’m pretty good at problem-solving and intellectual puzzles 4. I’m a fairly skilled communicator, and 5. I’m actually trying to Follow My Dreams and make a life for myself that I love, as insane as that is. And those are some things about myself I feel proud of.

Not tagging anyone specifically, but if anybody wants to do this it is both super awkward and probably really good for you! You don’t even need to reblog it. Just write it down and look at it. If you’re anything like me it’ll probably make your skin crawl but also remind you of a few worthwhile things you don’t think about often enough.

it was hard to narrow my list of nice krisrix things down to 5, and hard to find 5 things about myself, so that’s pretty telling about how this stuff works too