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Interview with Lisa Pearl


We’re really excited to announce our next interview! Following on our interviews with Steven Pinker and Daniel Dennett, we’re going to be talking with Lisa Pearl.

Lisa is an Associate Professor in the Department of Cognitive Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. Her research is at the intersection of language acquisition and computational modeling, particularly using statistical models and language data to test different theories of how little kids might pick up different aspects of language. She’s also done some research on natural language processing, too!

Lisa’s been doing some of our favourite work on acquisition over the past several years, and we’ve been talking about her work ever since the very first episode of the Ling Space. We’re really happy to get the chance to talk with her and hear what she has to say! As usual, if you have questions for her, just let us know – we’ll ask a couple in the final interview. ^_^

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It was incredibly fun to get to meet Lisa Pearl, and to hear her share her passion and excitement about language and research and BRAINS. I’m really looking forward to putting this interview up on the channel so you can be a part of the fun too!



How do we change our grammars when we pick up a new language? Is there a limit to how much we can shift? In this week’s episode, we talk about parameter resetting in second language acquisition: how quickly we can change our transferred grammar, whether there’s a difference in ability between children and adults, and whether there are some areas where we might be unable to adjust.

We’re happy to be back, and we’re looking forward to hearing what people have to say about this one! ^_^

Reblog for the day crew! Thanks for the responses so far. ^_^

New Ling Space! Our scheduled hiatus was productive and refreshing, and now we’re back and ready to LINGUISTICS.

Looking forward to another season of videos!



When a kid makes a mistake in their language, does it help them fix it to correct the error? How do they deal with linguistic feedback? In this week’s episode, we talk about negative evidence and child language acquisition: what it is, when we provide it, and how kids listen to it.

Looking forward to hearing what people have to say about this one! We love language acquisition stuff. ^_^

Reblog for the day crew! ^_^

New episode! I love acquisition episodes like this one, they are so fun. 

The Wug Test


What do we have to memorize for our language? How can we know if kids learn the same things as adults? In this week’s episode, we talk about the wug test: why it’s important, how it works, and what it shows us.

Wugs are a lot of fun, and we love talking about acquisition stuff! We’re looking forward to hearing what people have to say.

New episode! I love our little felt-cutout chocobo-esque wugs. Fun stuff!


How does our first language influence learning new ones? What gets moved over from the old languages to the new? This week on The Ling Space, we talk about transfer in second language acquisition: how we know that the foundation of our new language is the one we knew already, and what the effects are of having that old language knowledge around.

L2 acquisition is my favorite of all linguistics topics, so I’m very excited to hear what everyone has to say about it!

INSIDE SCOOP – there is such a nerdy visual pun in this episode, omg!! I dare anyone to find it ^_^