Neil Gaiman

Simon Snow, Good Omens, and Stylometrics


So we’ve had a couple of questions regarding our interview with Lisa Pearl
and what she had to say about textual analysis and writeprints, the
ways in which we signal who we are by how we use language. Like, for
example, Gretchen McCulloch on All Things Linguistic asked about telling apart the different writing done by different characters in Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl vs. Carry On. And in the YouTube comments, Valdagast asked about Good Omens, a book co-written by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, regarding whether we could use this kind of analysis to figure out which parts were written by which author.

went ahead and ran these questions by Dr. Pearl, and I’ve got her
answers below here! And I’m glad she answered them, because wow, this is
not my area of expertise.

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This is incredibly cool and I’m excited I got to be (a tiny) part of the process of making ithappen. Thank you Dr. Pearl! ^_^


Yoshitaka Amano’s 2006 collaboration with Neil Gaiman and David Bowie – I wanted to make the story about David Bowie coming to the city of New York. Iman is the queen, and she’s waiting for the Duke to rescue her, and she’s been waiting for a thousand years. But when I told that to Iman, she said that in real life that would never happen. [Laughs] She’d never wait that long.
(Amano on The Return of the Thin White Duke, for V Magazine.)