How can we try to capture the commonalities and differences between linguistic sound systems? What makes one language sound different from another? In this week’s episode, we take a look at Optimality Theory: how we can use constraints to describe how phonology behaves, how we rank which rules we care most about breaking, and how changing our priorities leads to totally different sound outcomes.

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How do we define vowel sounds? What are all the different vowels we can make? In this week’s episode, we return to the International Phonetic Alphabet to look at vowels: what parameters we use to define them, what variation we see across languages, and some ways we can play with them to create more categories of sound.

We definitely had fun making this one, and we hope you like it! Looking forward to hearing what you all think. ^_^

Brand new episode! I’ve gotta say, one of my favourite things about this one is the thumbnail the graphics team picked. How did they find one where Moti’s doing the same gesture as Cony on his t-shirt!



How do we put together our syllables? Where do the consonants and vowels go inside our words? This week on The Ling Space, we talk about syllable structure: how we fit the sounds together, how we decide what consonants go where, and how we know what makes words rhyme.

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When we deal with language, how do we know what sounds we hear match up to what categories? And how do we know what sounds to make ourselves? In the follow-up to our phoneme episode, this week, The Ling Space takes on allophones, the sounds that are driven by rules that define the way we hear our linguistic world.

We’re really excited about this topic, so we hope you guys like it! SOUNDS.



With all the sounds we can make with our mouths, how do we know which ones are important for our language? In this week’s video, The Ling Space takes a look at phonemes, the basic sounds of language, and how we can identify them, how we tell them apart, and how our brains react to them.

I really love sounds, and all the different ways we can use them, so I’m really looking forward to hearing what people have to say about this! ^_^

Big fan of this one, and (SPOILERS) of the second part coming next week! I was way into phonetics and phonology at university, and it’s fun to see the excitement never really goes away. LANGUAGE!