Shiro Kasamatsu

Okay, I have completely fallen in love with the work of Kasamatsu Shiro.

Each of his prints captures so much about the scene it depicts; you can totally feel the temperature and humidity of the air, hear the sounds of rain or waves or crunching leaves or thick and muffling snow, even almost catch the movement of the people inside. They’re so real and snapshot-like that I actually keep forgetting they’re not photographs – not because they’re photo-realistic (although man, check out that detail), but because they are so incredibly evocative that you sort of feel like you’re there. Looking at his work feels like traveling through time and space, where fortunately no one can see you, sitting there, watching the world go by.

– Spring Rain (1935)
– The Sea of Echigo (1957)
– House at Ontake (1954)
– Mt. Fuji from Yoshida (1958)
– Shibu Hostpring, Nagano (1948)
– Shinbashi in Rain (1935)
– Morning Waves (1956)


Shiro Kasamatsu – Night in Summer (1957)

Ahh man, this is so evocative! I can just hear the fireworks and the rice paddy frogs, and feel the warm night air (and maybe some mosquitoes). 

I love how this was done in 1957, but is so timeless. It could almost just as easily be fifty years back or forwards… I’m not actually a person who puts much up on their walls, but I think I’d put up a print of this.