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To all of my friends out there and ESPECIALLY my trans friends, if you hadn’t done so now, PLEASE GET A PASSPORT.

President Obama made it VERY easy to get your gender marker changed on your passport. All you need is:

– An ID that resembles your current appearance (just get a new photo taken on a driver’s license or ANY government issued ID)

– Passport photo that resembles your current appearance (From any drug store)

– Proof of legal name change (if applicable)

– A physician statement that indicates you have either completed or are in process of treatment for gender transition (the hardest part)

No surgeries, no red tape, no bullshit. And when people try to harass you or puush you around because “Hahaha your ID says your x” Whip out your passport and shut them DOWN. I carry mine wherever I go and I know a lot of my friends who live in the south do so as well. 

This law could VERY easily change under a Trump presidency and I haven’t been as serious about anything as I am about this. PLEASE GET A PASSPORT. Even the passport card (which is half as expensive as the book is!!!) will do. Just please if you can, get ONE ID that matches who you really are.

And I know to be able to get all of this together is a sign of privilege in the first place, and from one black, trans, queer women to all of my vulnerable siblings I will rot in a jail cell before I let this country harm any of us and I this I swear. I will NOT take this lying down.

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Emergency Commissions!





Hi, all!

So my financial situation has just moved from “awkward laughing into the abyss” to “the abyss laughs back.” In short, I am:


The long and short of it is that we moved cross-country so my wife
could work at a job that would catapult us out of poverty–only to find
out that when they SAID “You’ll start work in September,” they MEANT “Or
June the year after, probably. We don’t know anymore.”

things are…. not good. We are of course both looking for new jobs
here, but in the meantime, there’s that whole -gestures vaguely- food
thing, and -gestures vaguely-er- rent thing, and -gestures at sick cat,
who is sneezing adorably- vet bills thing.

I’m not expecting
commissions to cover all that–even just a few bucks for groceries would
be enough to get the financial abyss to stop cackling with glee. But
here’s the run-down of emergency commission prices!

$10 – a bust, in color!
Like this!


Ain’t that a deal? Yeah. I mean. I’m sure it is. Or, there’s:

$20 – Full body, full color picture. Look at that!


$25 – A 7in. by 6in. comic! Like this, but



Ain’t that fancy? You bet it is.

you are interested in a commission, send me an email at I humbly ask that commissions stay PG-13 or lower,

Reblog for the weekend crowd!

Do you love the awesome comics done for our episodes? Now, you can commission your very own! We highly vouch for the quality and fun of working with @oh-fee-oh-my

She just did one about Richard & Alec at the theater in Swordspoint for someone on commission! 

Reblog this 10 times and I will post it for you.

Food rent and vet bills! Important stuff!

On Supporting Diversity


So as sometimes happens when something negative goes viral, bookish Twitter took action on Monday and responded to an anti-diversity rant that had gone up the night before with a powerful message—that we as a community support diverse narratives.

It began with an author asking people to raise their voices and support diversity and the marginalized in the process. The author later asked to become anonymous and people not connect them to the hashtag anymore, because the backlash against the positive hashtag that came out of it unfortunately brought loads of racists and hateful people into their mentions—another problem all on its own. The hashtag began as #IStandForDiversity, but later transitioned to #ISupportDiversity because the first hashtag was unintentional ableist, but important tweets were shared at both, so I’m going to share some here.

As Paul and Heidi said, one of the best ways to really support diverse books and marginalized authors is to buy books and request them at the library. So, of course, here are a couple book recommendation threads.

And, in conclusion:

So there you have it. Support with your voices, and more importantly with your bought and requested books. Because representation is so, so important and we’re just getting started. 

On Supporting Diversity

A diverse independent comics anthology needs your help!!



Enough Space for Everyone Else is an anthology of sci-fi/space comics by diverse creators, about diverse characters, and spanning diverse tones and genres (specifically, no military, no imperialism, no war!).

We’re trying to fund it via Kickstarter (link here), and while we’ve gotten a lot of support so far, we are as of this writing less than halfway to our goal ($33,000) with only 11 days until the deadline (July 16). And reminder that the way Kickstarter works is, if you don’t get enough pledges to make your funding goal, you don’t get anything. So the existence of this book is literally relying on you.

This is crunch time.

All of the involved creators are independent artists and writers who, despite having talent out the wazoo, aren’t rich or famous, which can make it hard for us to get media attention. But this is a really fantastic project, and the work of all our contributors deserves to be published—so please, help make this book possible by pledging whatever you can afford and reblogging (not just liking!) this post.

Thank you so much! Your support means the world galaxy to us!

As a contributor, I guarantee all of this is EXCEPTIONAL work, and it would be great to meet our goal and release more diverse stories into the world!

Even if you can’t donate, PLEASE help spread the word!

I’ve been hearing about this project for a while, and it’s exciting to see it coming to fruition. Signal boost!



Spring Awakening Tony Awards Update.

Everyone, we’re so close to reaching the goal needed to perform at the Tony Awards, but we still need your help! As of now the cast is set to perform and is having rehearsals this week, but the performance still needs the full funding. The link to donate will be in the link of this blog’s bio. Please reblog and support!

Guys guys, 5 days to go and they’re only about 50,000$ short! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell @linmanuel, because we’re coming into the home stretch! We can do this!

Why Does A Tony-Nominated Musical Need To Raise $200K To Perform At The Tony Awards?


I’m not even that familiar with this show or production but short story:

They revamped the show to star deaf/HoH actors, who perform with sign language. They then also have additional performers who are the Voice, singing but being part of the band/musical


It’s super cool, innovative, and inclusive.

Also the show is about self-discovery, sexuality, shame, suicide, miseducation, and the ways adults can fail children trying to make sense of the world. So it was pretty cool to begin with.

Signal boost like whoa! 

This is a beautiful idea, and it sounds like the show was amazing, too. I would love to see a performance of it, but failing that, I would love to see it at the Tonys! Let’s make this happen!

Why Does A Tony-Nominated Musical Need To Raise $200K To Perform At The Tony Awards?



Beauty and the Beast Social Link! Kannao Anthology


Sometimes it seems like romance, sometimes it doesn’t… Kannao stories ranging from heartwarming to gags to serious and more – enjoy them all!

  • A5
  • 140 pages + 4 full-color illustrations
  • Offset printing
  • For all ages

This is a Japanese Persona 4 Kanji+Naoto/Kannao anthology that will be debuting at Super Comic City in Japan this May.

It features comics, color illustrations, and novels from 16 different contributors, and our very own @krisrix was lucky enough to also be involved, along with fellow Kannao lover, @hanuwabbit!

Both @krisrix and @hanuwabbit contributed 12 page stories and color illustrations!


  • The anthology is entirely in Japanese
  • The copies are being printed in Japan, then sent to us, and then to you; as such, it will take some time to be delivered. Estimated delivery is June.
  • None of the novelty goods will be included
  • Due to the nature of the preorder, we CANNOT accept orders after the cut-off date. If you miss out on the preorder, you will need to purchase the book directly from Japan.

Please see the Japanese information page for larger previews and the full contributor list:

WOO~~~ It’s official, 😀 I am so beyond excited to have been a part of this amazing project!

Please preorder and signal boost, because the cut off is April 30th! After that, I won’t be able to get you a copy!

Our awesome graphics team @ateliermuse worked on this cute fan anthology for Persona 4, which totally deserves a signal boost! Intercontinental comics cooperation, go!

Spread the word and remember that there is a hard cutoff of April 30th for orders! ❤

I’m writing a book about internet language!


I’m very excited to announce that I’m writing a pop linguistics book about internet language!

It’s still in early stages, so stay tuned for updates when I have an official publication date, cover design, and so on, but it’s a real thing that’s really happening so I’m Officially Allowed to talk about it now! I have an editor and a publisher, Courtney Young at Riverhead Books – Riverhead is a division of Penguin, and Courtney may be familiar to you as the editor of Randall Munroe’s What If

(Excuse me while I search for my ability to even. I seem to have misplaced it somewhere…)

If you like the kinds of things I’ve posted in my internet language tag, then this is definitely the book for you, and if you’ve read all 17 pages (!) of posts in that tag, don’t worry, there will be plenty of new material! Other internettish phenomena! Deeper but still highly accessible linguistics! Broader themes than you can fit into in a thousand-word article! And more that I haven’t even written yet! 

The blog will keep running like normal, since I can’t imagine removing myself from the internet in order to write about it, and, as always, feel free to continue pointing me at things that I should analyze and/or cite along the way. 

This is extremely exciting!! I will be all over that book. Congrats!

O Human Star winter fundraiser!


Hey there, OHS readers! Minnesota residents might know that today is Give To The Max, where MN residents are encouraged to donate to local charities and non-profits and have their gifts matched. This year I want to continue the tradition I started last year and donate to The Bridge For Youth, a Minneapolis youth shelter with special resources for LGBTQ teens. 

It’s no secret that LGBTQ children are at a much higher risk of homelessness and abuse, and this is the time of year where dropping temperatures pose a real danger to anybody stuck outside. This year The Bridge is expanding outside of the Twin Cities and providing much-needed shelter space for kids in the nearby suburbs.

Today I’m running a special offer to raise donations for The Bridge For Youth, and here’s how OHS readers can help!

– Today, all sales of O Human Star books on my site or PDF copies on Gumroad will go towards The Bridge!

– Today, all new pledges made on my Patreon will also go to the Bridge. I’m also including all of the pledges that have already been made in November by seven brand new patrons! Remember, these pledges won’t be collected until the end of the month.

So far, that’s $18 raised! I would really like to reach $50 today so it can get matched during Give To The Max, so let’s see what we can do! Thank you for helping me raise funds for a really great local organization!

A great initiative for a great charity by a great comics artist. Signal boost!