Spring Awakening



Spring Awakening Tony Awards Update.

Everyone, we’re so close to reaching the goal needed to perform at the Tony Awards, but we still need your help! As of now the cast is set to perform and is having rehearsals this week, but the performance still needs the full funding. The link to donate will be in the link of this blog’s bio. Please reblog and support!

Guys guys, 5 days to go and they’re only about 50,000$ short! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell @linmanuel, because we’re coming into the home stretch! We can do this!

Why Does A Tony-Nominated Musical Need To Raise $200K To Perform At The Tony Awards?


I’m not even that familiar with this show or production but short story:

They revamped the show to star deaf/HoH actors, who perform with sign language. They then also have additional performers who are the Voice, singing but being part of the band/musical


It’s super cool, innovative, and inclusive.

Also the show is about self-discovery, sexuality, shame, suicide, miseducation, and the ways adults can fail children trying to make sense of the world. So it was pretty cool to begin with.

Signal boost like whoa! 

This is a beautiful idea, and it sounds like the show was amazing, too. I would love to see a performance of it, but failing that, I would love to see it at the Tonys! Let’s make this happen!

Why Does A Tony-Nominated Musical Need To Raise $200K To Perform At The Tony Awards?