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Most of my Saturday was spent looking up stuff about Bina48.

BINA48 is a project of Terasem Movement, Inc™ and is designed to test whether a person’s consciousness can be downloaded into a non-biological or nanotechnological body after combining detailed data about a person through the use of future consciousness software

A lesbian of color black lesbian (who is married to a trans woman) becomes the model for an ultra advanced AI system.
This is huge.

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So lemme get this… the developer/CEO of the development company is a jewish trans lesbian woman and the highest paid female ceo in america, and this project is based on her wife, a black lesbian woman, and both are mothers with children from previous relationships who they have now each legally adopted???

this exists in the actual world and people still think sci fi can only be about straight cis vaguely-christian white men…….

okay!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!!!!!!!! also, are they lookin for a sugar baby?

i am slain

Once again, truth outdoes fiction.

Also, read everything you can about Martine Rothblatt and Bina Aspen immediately.

Whoa, wow, what. This is so incredible that I actually had to take a minute and do some research to make sure it wasn’t a hoax! I’m amazed I never heard of this before~ It’s sort of beautifully fitting that I heard about it through bluedelliquanti, too. I can’t help but want to ask, was Bina48 part of the inspiration for the comic? Or is it just an amazing coincidence? [PS O Human Star is starting up again TOMORROW go read it right now]

There’s a lot of press about the Terasem Movement Foundation, the motor behind this whole project, most of which seems fairly negative – even going so far as to ridicule their idea of “mindfiles” being uploaded into a cybernetic “consciousness” that would live on after a person’s death, a kind of immortality of the Ghost in an artificial Shell. (My personal concern would be more along the lines of, even if you can reproduce someone’s personhood in android form, I’m not sure you could reproduce their inner life; the idea of surviving as a sort of faux me for the benefit of my loved ones and the world, but with my actual awareness long gone into the great beyond, is sort of eerie and awkward to me. I mean, it could have fantastic applications to, say, replicate amazing professors into hundreds of classrooms, immortalize great minds, create a line of empathic service machines… But maybe not literally prolong a human consciousness into a facsimile. But anyway.)

Let’s take a step back though, because in a sense, whether or not this is actually feasible is way less important than the fact that people are actually working on this. Dude. I grew up expecting that when I’d be an adult, it would be The Future. I’ve been feeling mostly cheated of my robots and hoverboards (although the Minority Report-style motion activated screens on the sides of bus stops my city recently implemented are partly making up for it). It’s super exciting that all kinds of furious science is being attempted. The connections between science and science-fiction flow both ways, as ever, but now we’re really starting to see the results. And I haven’t even touched on the fact that the people behind this project are amazing fascinating individuals who totally blow the scientific/sci-fi cliche of (as perfectly summarized by commenter above) “straight cis vaguely-christian white men” out of the water??

There’s a lot going on here. Whatever your opinions on the Bina48 project, it’s definitely and absolutely worth reading up about.