This wugalicious mock battle video was sent to me by LangSoc, the University of Edinburgh undergraduate linguistics student society, who have person-sized wug costumes that they wear for recruitment and general awesomeness (two of them, natch). 

o my gad


Guide to Linguistics Stub Sorting on Wikipedia 

Have you wanted to get in on the #lingwiki editing fun but you don’t know much about linguistics? Editors often look through lists of stubs to find articles to edit, so stub sorting helps get these articles on the right lists so they can be found and improved, even if you don’t know enough to improve them yourself. Click the images above to enlarge them, and check out the links below for more.

This stub sorting wug sorting guide is a joint project by me and Keilana, and is licensed under CC-BY-SA. Wugs themselves are © Jean Berko Gleason. 

Reblog for great wugstice!

Also really useful info about stub sorting.