How can we try to capture the commonalities and differences between linguistic sound systems? What makes one language sound different from another? In this week’s episode, we take a look at Optimality Theory: how we can use constraints to describe how phonology behaves, how we rank which rules we care most about breaking, and how changing our priorities leads to totally different sound outcomes.

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This week’s Wednesday video shout-out is to DS Bigham and his series on popular linguistics! Specifically, about queer linguistics for this video. We’ve talked about how even in our neurolinguistic processing, we tend to assign stereotypical gender roles. This video looks more at the sociolinguistics side of things, and it’s super interesting!

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How can we tell apart different sonorant consonants- your [n]s and [m]s, [l]s and [ɹ]s? What do their sound waves look like? In this week’s episode, we take a look at the acoustics of nasal and approximant consonants: how opening up your nose influences your speech, how similar some consonants are to being vowels, and why it can be hard for some people to tell apart the English l and r.

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Why do so many words and sentences have multiple meanings? How do we deal with all of the overlaps? In this week’s episode, we talk about ambiguity: where it comes from, how we deal with processing it, and how children pick meanings from the menu of semantic possibilities they’re presented with.

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How do we put our words together? What varieties of building blocks do we stack up to create bigger meanings? In this week’s episode, we talk about derivational and inflectional morphology: what roles each of them play, how to tell them apart, and how differences in how we string them together can lead to ambiguity.

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Spring Awakening Tony Awards Update.

Everyone, we’re so close to reaching the goal needed to perform at the Tony Awards, but we still need your help! As of now the cast is set to perform and is having rehearsals this week, but the performance still needs the full funding. The link to donate will be in the link of this blog’s bio. Please reblog and support!

Guys guys, 5 days to go and they’re only about 50,000$ short! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell @linmanuel, because we’re coming into the home stretch! We can do this!



From “chink” to “rice eater” my mom reads – and shuts down – some of the most racist comments I’ve gotten on YouTube

She is my favorite.

omg gunnarollamom ❤ 

You don’t have enough room? I don’t stay in your house. I have extra room, do you want to stay in my home?


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Harriet Tubman is coming with her…army full of Bad Bitches.”

This was probably the greatest thing I saw on TV in 2015. 

Happy Black History Month!

-Mod Finn

In honor of the new $20.

Still can’t believe this is really happening. They say the $5 bill will feature Civil Rights leaders, too.

YES! I’ve been hoping for this, and I, too, can hardly believe it’s actually happening. Huzzah!

Link to the same hilarious and inspiring video, for people like me outside of the US who are region-blocked from the original upload but still care about how badass Harriet Tubman was and how significant the US Treasury’s recent decision is: