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for when the burnout is real and all you really wanna do is lie in bed and watch things but you gotta at least try to study. these are mostly channels i’ve watched and subscribed to!


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We get the struggle. Thanks for including some of our shows on your list! 

Yay educational video! There’s a lot of great content on that list I can’t wait to discover. May I add some of my favourites:

And no list of my favourite YouTube educational channels would be complete without some shameless self-promotion:



1) Risus Monkey Fantasy Language Cypher

This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!

Are you creating a fictional language? Do you need help coming up with words that sound like they fit with what you’ve come up with so far?

Just put your fictional language in the model text, type some words in the translation text, and click “translate”. It’ll “translate” whatever words you put in using patterns from your sample text.

2) Speed Distance Calculator

These calculators aren’t perfect, but they can help you figure out:

  • How long it will take your characters to get somewhere based on how fast they’re going,
  • how far your characters moved based on how fast they were going and on how long they were moving,
  • how fast your characters need to move to reach a certain distance in a specified time

The calculator was meant for cyclists, but you can use it to get estimates for other things too.

3) Fantasy Calendar Generator

Another amazing resource!

This can create a random calendar for you or you can input the year, the number of months, the name of the months, the number of moons, the number of days in a week, the names of each day, and more.

You can even save the data for your calendar so that when you go back to the generator, all you have to do to get to your calendar is paste the data.

4) Inkarnate Map Maker

This is a new resource that’s still in beta, so it’ll probably be updated in the coming months.

This map maker is easy to use and free. You can add different climates, mountains, trees, towns, cities, text, and notes. For an example of these maps, look at the quick map I made for this post’s header.

Neat stuff!



By now, you’ve probably seen the cast of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot in 100 different behind-the-scenes images, but what you’re looking at now is the first “official” image of them.

From left to right, meet Abby Yates (Melissa McCarthy), Jillian Holtzmann (Kate McKinnon), Erin Gilbert (Kristen Wiig) and Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones).

The cast also includes Chris Hemsworth, Neil Casey, Andy Garcia, Cecily Strong, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh and Charles Dance, plus cameos from original stars Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver.

Directed by Paul Feig (The Heat, Bridesmaids) from a script he co-wrote with Katie Dippold (The Heat, Parks and Recreation), the film is scheduled for release on July 15, 2016 via Columbia Pictures.

Good Character Design Through Posture and Silhouette 101.

Loving the character design commentary!! I can’t wait to meet these cool characters. ^_^



Credit for all images: Signed, Sealed & Undelivered Team, 2015/ Courtesy of the Museum voor Communicatie, The Hague.

An appeal for help from a desperate woman has been opened
and read more than 300 years after the man it was sent to refused to accept
delivery – not surprisingly, since the wealthy merchant in The Hague must have
suspected it contained the unwelcome news that he was about to become a father.

That’s how The
begins its story about what historians are learning from a 17th-century postmaster’s
trunk containing 2,600 undelivered letters. The letters
were sent from France, Spain and the Spanish Netherlands

between 1689 and 1706, and they were written
by all kinds of people – aristocrats, spies, peasants. They were never
delivered because their recipients either couldn’t be found or wouldn’t pay the
postage costs.

Now a team of international experts is using x-ray technology to … basically read other people’s mail. But it’s totally OK! Cus it’s for history. 


There has to be some good 17th century gossip buried in these letters. -Emily



We’re supporting the Endangered Language Alliance this year in the Project for Awesome! You can click over here to go vote on our video:

If you don’t know about the Project for Awesome, it’s a yearly charity and awareness raising campaign on YouTube aimed at decreasing world suck. Find out more at!

The Endangered Language Alliance does a lot of really interesting and amazing work, both in documenting and revitalizing language, and they’re worthy of your time and support, even outside the P4A. Check out their website, which has a ton of info about their activities, at


Hooray Project for Awesome! Glad to be participating in this again this year. 


I’m writing a book about internet language!


I’m very excited to announce that I’m writing a pop linguistics book about internet language!

It’s still in early stages, so stay tuned for updates when I have an official publication date, cover design, and so on, but it’s a real thing that’s really happening so I’m Officially Allowed to talk about it now! I have an editor and a publisher, Courtney Young at Riverhead Books – Riverhead is a division of Penguin, and Courtney may be familiar to you as the editor of Randall Munroe’s What If

(Excuse me while I search for my ability to even. I seem to have misplaced it somewhere…)

If you like the kinds of things I’ve posted in my internet language tag, then this is definitely the book for you, and if you’ve read all 17 pages (!) of posts in that tag, don’t worry, there will be plenty of new material! Other internettish phenomena! Deeper but still highly accessible linguistics! Broader themes than you can fit into in a thousand-word article! And more that I haven’t even written yet! 

The blog will keep running like normal, since I can’t imagine removing myself from the internet in order to write about it, and, as always, feel free to continue pointing me at things that I should analyze and/or cite along the way. 

This is extremely exciting!! I will be all over that book. Congrats!